sábado, 29 de julio de 2017 a las 7:00
it's a quiet warm night,
i'm so fucking sad
and don't know why.
that's the worst part,
feelings with no name
attached to that smile.
i see your pictures, but
you've never been mine

and still, you're me;
despite the mistakes,
the time, the distance,
the stories left unwritten
because we were busy
living our little lives
unknowing our us,
closing our eyes

i know you followed
my steps everywhere
and you watched
my heart break apart,
we barely said hello
why even say goodbye
if we never closed doors
in case we realized

that we once crossed paths
headed the same way,
same place we'll end up
you, me, we, she, us,
after all this useless pain;
in case we finally decide
it was worth the wait
and turn off the screen to play.

a las 6:35
y así de duro es
darse cuenta
de que madurar
era simple
y llanamente
aprender a mandar
a la mierda

aprender a callar,
a cerrar puertas
aprender que
la oportunidad
estará abierta
siempre que quieras;

cuando te sientas
cansada, enferma
cuando acuses
las horas, los días
las capas de pena
escucha, recuerda
tú eres ella

ella, esa mujer
que soñabas ser
ayer, de pequeña;
y aunque parezca
una noche eterna
llegará el día
en que duermas.

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